Наша гарнитура теперь работает с Matlab!
We are working now with Matlab!
Презентация проекта в Сколково
Presentation of our project in Skolkovo Innovation Center .

Drivers for Lab Streaming Layer are ready

Написаны драйвера для Lab Streaming Layer

Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) is an excellent tool for collecting scientific data, which is widely used by researchers. It provides unified collection of measurement time series between programs, computers, and devices over a network for distributed signal transport, time synchronization, and data collection. LSL has an extensive range of supported measurement modalities:

  • data on the dynamics of the brain (primarily EEG)
  • physiology (ECG, EMG, heart rhythm, respiration, skin conductivity, etc.)
  • behavioral data (motion capture, eye tracking, sensory interaction, facial expression, etc.)
  • environment conditions and computer programs (for example, event tags, tags from the keyboard and other devices)

The main task of LSL is the synchronization of time (up to milliseconds) of data from various devices.
The LSL driver we developed allows to send a signal from our technical prototype to programs for processing EEG signals in real time, such as OpenVibe.

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