Stressonika Use Cases

Stressonika's innovative technology for assessing stress levels, cognitive performance and physiological factors can solve practical problems in various industries.

Corporate workplace

  • Identify employees at risk of burnout and take preventive measures.
  •  Optimize work roles and responsibilities based on individual work style and stress tolerance.
  • Develop customized training programs and work environments to enhance productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Reduce absenteeism, employee turnover and stress-related health care costs.

Healthcare and medicine

  • Assist in the diagnosis and monitoring of conditions associated with stress, anxiety and cognitive impairment.
  • Assess healthcare workers' cognitive abilities and stress levels in high-pressure situations.
  • Develop personalized rehabilitation programs for patients with cognitive or stress-related disorders.

Education and training

  • Identify students with learning difficulties or attention problems early.
  • Adapt teaching methods and learning environments to individual cognitive abilities and learning styles.
  • Implement stress management measures for students experiencing high academic stress.

Transport and logistics

  • Assess the cognitive abilities and stress levels of professionals performing high-risk functions (eg, pilots, air traffic controllers, truck drivers).

  • Implement training programs and safety protocols based on individual assessments of cognitive function and stress.

  • Identify potential risks and take preventive measures to ensure safe operation

Emergency services and law enforcement agencies

  • Assess the cognitive abilities and stress tolerance of first responders and law enforcement officers.   

  • Develop stress management strategies and cognitive training programs for high-pressure situations.

  • Monitor and support the mental well-being of personnel exposed to traumatic events.

Research and development

  • Conduct research on the effects of stress, cognitive load and physiological factors on human performance and decision making.

  • Develop new interventions, strategies or technologies to optimize cognitive performance and manage stress.

  • Expand our understanding of the interactions between stress, cognition and physiology in various domains.

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