Презентация проекта в Сколково

Presentation of our project in Skolkovo Innovation Center .

Presentation of our project in Skolkovo Innovation Center . It’s nice to receive positive assessments. They energize our team for further work.
Написаны драйвера для Lab Streaming Layer

Drivers for Lab Streaming Layer are ready

Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) is an excellent tool for collecting scientific data, which is widely used by researchers. It provides unified collection of measurement time series […]
Наша гарнитура теперь работает с Matlab!

We are working now with Matlab!

Matlab is one of the main software products that are needed for processing and analyzing digitized signals. Therefore, we developed the driver for Matlab first thing. […]
Готов технический макет.

The technical prototype is ready!

The technical prototype is assembled, tested and programmed much earlier than expected. It is wonderful! There will be more time for experimental work.
Парадигма CleverPoint

Let’s start

Finally, the project has outgrown the phase of ideas and become more formalized and detailed. After many months of consultations with experts, analysis and long discussions, […]