Controlling the emotional state and productivity of the brain

CleverPoint is capable of recording and recognizing emotional states, mental activity or relaxation, as well as their expression level

CleverPoint can be used to assess the cognitive state and the level of emotional stress in those areas where there is often an emotional or mental overload - in dispatchers, doctors, athletes, programmers. Brainwaves change their rhythm during the transition from wakefulness to sleep. Therefore, the neuro-headset can monitor fatigue among drivers and signal about falling asleep


CleverPoint is ideal for sports neurofitnesses, as it combines the functions of a neuro-headset and a fitness tracker.

Fixing the distance traveled, burned calories, steps, pulse, heart rate zone
Monitoring of concentration/relaxation/stress. Building an emotional map of workout
Goal Setting, Progress Tracking, and Results Log

Education. Self-regulation. Neurofitness

Neurofitness is a brain training based on the feedback principle. Our brain has neuroplasticity, i.e. is able to change under the influence of specialized training, and also to restore the lost connections after damage or as a response to external influences.

The CleverPoint headset is capable of recording brain biorhythms, and special software teaches a person to change these biorhythms without using medication.

Neurofitness is effective for improving professionally important qualities, as well as optimizing cognitive and psychoemotional abilities. In addition, the neurofitness actively begins to be used in the sport of high achievements to improve peak performance and improve control over stress.

Mental control of smart environment

When the brain gives a command to the arm or leg to move itself, or reacts to external signals (light, sound), then some of its rhythms become unsynchronized. Each person has his own rhythm pattern. By training, you can train the software application to recognize mental commands and program a specific action - for example, answering a phone call, controlling the volume. You can program interactions with such environments as "smart home", "smart workplace".

People with disabilities can learn to control wheelchairs or household appliances, print on computers with the power of thought.


With the help of the neuro-headset, it is possible to carry out marketing research and evaluate the emotional response of the consumer to certain marketing stimuli. Such a study will be much more accurate than classical methods: focus groups, surveys and questionnaires in which people feeling social pressure are not always honest with their answers.

Games and Entertainment

Using brain waves to control games allows you to bring the gameplay to a new level of sensation. For example, computer game scenarios can be tailored to the player's emotional response. Mental commands allow you to control both ordinary realworld toys - motorized cars, helicopters, but also actions in computer games. In addition, games with a neuro-headset can be used to teach emotional control and / or neuroprosthetic rehabilitation.

Medical research

Monitoring the electrical activity of the brain with the help of the neuro-headset CleverPoint can be used to identify health problems such as brain structure disorders (tumors, trauma, strokes), epilepsy, sleep disorders (eg, narcolepsy), cerebral edema, to predict cognitive impairment/worthening in Parkinson's disease.

Using the principles of biological feedback (neurofeedback) the neuro-headset can be used as a primary or auxiliary device to correct a number of disorders of the nervous system.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and adults

Memory disorders

Training difficulty

Autism spectrum disorder

Depressive, anxious and other affective personality disorders

Headaches and migraines

Prosthetics of lost motor functions