Brain–computer interface


We are developing the newest wireless Neuro-headset offering wide span of usage and new level of convenience

  • neurofeedback function
  • bio-metric sensors
  • audio system

About Us

We are the team of enthusiasts passionately united by one common goal - to create a fundamentally new mobile neuro-headset with a Neurofeedback Function.

Meet the CleverPoint

CleverPoint is a wireless headset equipped with bio-metric sensors.
Data acquisition
CleverPoint measures brain waves (electroencephalogram), pulse, steps, distance traveled, calories burned. CleverPoint converts them to useful data and transfers to mobile device or computer in real-time.
Data analysis and application
With the help of phone or tablet you can use the obtained data of brain and body activity to evaluate and study the work of your brain during fitness, neurofitness, and also to control devices with the power of thought.
CleverPoint can analyze brain waves and present information in the form of various metrics: concentration / relaxation level, stress, expression of emotions. Using CleverPoint for neurofeedback can significantly improve the brain activity: intellectual abilities, emotional ballance, peak performance in work, creativity, learning, sports. The microphone and high-quality headphones allow two-way communication with your external devices or other people, listen to music and talk on the phone. They can be used in various scenarios of neurofeedback, as well as in the neuro-games

CleverPoint Features

  • Adjustment to the size of the head
  • High characteristics of the obtained bio-signals, comparable with professional medical electroencephalographs
  • Soft flat dry polymer electrodes in contact areas with open skin
  • Soft needles dry polymer electrodes in the scalp
  • Flexible configuration - possibility to connect only the required number of electrodes
  • High-quality stereo headset with high-quality sound support (aptX)
  • Bluetooth support 5.0 and previous versions
  • Work time - 6 hours
  • Micro-USB connector for operation and charging from the network
  • Open access to RAW data via SDK


  • DECEMBER 2016Idea of ​​the device

  • FEBRUARY 2017 - SEPTEMBER 2017Conceptualization

  • OCTOBER 2017 - FEBRUARY 2018Design sketch

    Conceptual design of the device and electrodes
  • NOVEMBER 2017 - FEBRUARY 2018Development of hardware platform

    Programming FPGA. Programming the function of data transmission over the local network in real time to applications with the support of Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) for Matlab, OpenViBE and other programs
  • MARCH 2018Technical prototype

  • APRIL 2018 - NOVEMBER 2018Finalizing electronics design and BOM

  • SEPTEMBER 2018 - DECEMBER 2018 SDK for developers and research

  • DECEMBER 2018 - MARCH 2019Development of desktop and mobile applications

  • MARCH 2019 - MAY 2019A small-scale manufacturing

  • MAY 2019 - AUGUST 2019 Beta testing and debugging

  • SEPTEMBER 2019 - JANUARY 2020Release develop and research units

  • DECEMBER 2019 - APRIL 2020Pre-release version. Final tuning

  • APRIL 2020 - JULY 2020Volume production

  • JANUARY 2021 - SEPTEMBER 2021Certification

Aleksandr Smirnov


+375 29 685 75 87

PhD in Medical Science
CTO and co-owner Intelico Systems
CTO and co-owner Radix Implants